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wild life tours South Africa


a tour for participants with birding, wildlife & photographic interests
17 Days starting and ending in Windhoek, Namibia
An unsurpassed combo of primeval beauty and the essence of wildlife at its best.
Namibia in the winter months with its warm dry days and cool still nights is indeed 'Big Sky' country. Wide horizons of sprawling savanna and seemingly endless desertscapes set against azure skies by day and a kaleidoscope of stars at night.

Such is the scenic mood that characterizes this sparsely populated country.

Namibia, even in the austral winter months when many of the intra-African and palearctic migrants have departed, is a delight for the intrepid naturalist in search of something new and exciting within what is essentially an arid land of geological contrast and a great many photo opportunities.

Namibia Birding Holiday Tour & Wildlife SafariIn this tour our carefully crafted itinerary is intended to bring out the best of Namibia’s wildlife and birding sightings. Our achievable target is 40 wildlife (mammal) and 300 bird species, including most of the Namibian endemic birds, as well as a significant proportion of Southern Africa's near-endemic birds confined to the arid west. And if the participants’ interests include photography, this tour presents a superb photographic opportunity in Namibia, a country of huge vistas and fascinating birding and wildlife sights.

Our routing takes us south from Windhoek, the scenically attractive capital of Namibia, to the rugged Khomas Hochland mountains before we drop down to the alluvial gravel plains of this ancient land. Here we will visit Sossus Vlei famous for the red barchan dunes and isolated camel thorn trees that form the essence of many a photographic composition. Here we can expect to encounter Oryx as well as Springbuck wandering across the sandy wastes.

From here we traverse across the Namib to Walvis Bay situated at the mouth of the Kuiseb river a fossilised relic of its former flowing self in a climatic time frame long past. Salt deposits laid down over the millennia along the southern end of the bay are home to countless thousands of Flamingos and a wide assortment of waders and shorebirds. Driving around the matrix of salt pans is birders delight while offshore we can scan for dolphin, whales and the ubiquitous fur seal.

Leaving the fog belt behind we head inland to the Erongo Mountains via Spitzkop an inselberg set in perfect isolation in the heart of the Namib. Here we will search for the endemic Herero Chat and scan the plains for courser and bustard before journeying on the Erongo Mountains. Here we find ourselves in a landscape of gigantic granite boulders strewn around by erosion over time. It is a fascinating and almost surreal world within which we expect to find Hartlaub's Francolin and the highly charismatic White-tailed Shrike and endearing Damara Rockrunner.

Heading north our routing takes us to the western end of the world renowned Etosha Game Reserve set against the southern flank of a vast salt pan stretching away to the north.Time of year is near perfect for game viewing as mammals of many descriptions move about from water hole to water hole within the confines of this enormous reserve. African Elephants and a steadily expanding number of the highly endangered Black Rhino will be high on our 'must see' list along with the possibility of Lion, Leopard and Cheetah sightings as we traverse eastwards with stopovers at Halali and Namutoni rest camps. Each camp has a character of its own and a mix of wildlife unique to the immediate area. Each will in turn be systematically explored and enjoyed in our quest for new sightings.

Leaving Etosha we head north to the very edge of Bushmanland to search the scrub and acacia thorn thickets on foot for a variety of birds unique to the area. Nomadic Bushmen frequent the area and we may well have the opportunity of interacting with a clan of these endearing and artistic people so at one with their arid surroundings and traditional pastimes of which music and dance are principal components.

Our route south takes us to the Waterberg Plateau with its mosaic of wonderful habitats and abundance of smaller mammals and reptiles. Exploring the terrain on foot gives us the opportunity to once again interact with the delights of nature before heading back to Windhoek for the international flight out.

All in all a tour delivering a wonderful medley of birding, wildlife and other photographic experiences in Namibia to retain and never forget ...

Key Birds: Damara Rockrunner, White-tailed Shrike, Crimson-breasted Shrike, Damara Hornbill, Bradfield's Hornbill, Monteiro's Hornbill, Hartlaub's Francolin, Damara Tern, African Black Oystercatcher, Chestnut-banded Sand Plover, Red-billed Francolin, Ruppell's Korhaan, Kori Bustard, Martial Eagle, Pale-chanting Goshawk, Greater Kestrel, Augur Buzzard, Gray's Lark, Karoo Long-billed Lark, Dune Lark, Namib Chat, Pririt Batis, Bradfield's Swift, Bokmakierie, Grey-backed Cisticola, Crested Francolin, Black-faced Babbler, Bare-cheeked Babbler, Ruppell's Parrot, Rosy-cheeked Lovebird,Violet Woodhoopoe, Scops Owl, White-faced Owl, Verreaux's Owl, African Hawk Eagle, Lappet-faced Vulture, Sociable Weaver, Scaly-feathered Finch, Red-headed Finch and Violet-eared Waxbill.

Key Mammals: African Elephant, Black Rhino, White Rhino (rare), African Lion, Leopard, Cheetah, Caracal, Brown Hyeana, Spotted Hyeana, Giraffe, Oryx, Roan Antelope(rare), Red Hartebeest, Springbuck, Greater Kudu, Black-faced Impala, Blue Wildebeest, Plains Zebra, Steenbok, Grey Duiker, Damara Dikdik, Cape Fox, Black-backed Jackal, Bat-eared Fox, Aard Wolf, Suricate (Meerkat), Yellow Mongoose, Tree Squirrel, Rock Hyrax, Dassie Rat, Chacma Baboon, Vervet Monkey and Slender-tailed Mongoose.

Namibia Birding Holiday Tour & Wildlife Safari

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Namibia Birding Holiday Tour & Wildlife Safari
Namibia Birding Holiday Tour & Wildlife Safari
Namibia Birding Holiday Tour & Wildlife Safari
Namibia Birding Holiday Tour & Wildlife Safari
Namibia Birding Holiday Tour & Wildlife Safari
Namibia Birding Holiday Tour & Wildlife Safari
Namibia Birding Holiday Tour & Wildlife Safari
Namibia Birding Holiday Tour & Wildlife Safari
Namibia Birding Holiday Tour & Wildlife Safari
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