Big Birding Day – Korocreek Wildlife & Golf Estate – 11 January 2016

Given ‘Koro Creek’s’ unique composition of several distinctive micro-habitat types a group of 14 keen birders set out to see how many bird species could be recorded as a collective total within what amounted to a fairly relaxed and highly enjoyable morning.

Big Birding Day Participants, January 2016

2016 Korocreek Big Birding Day Participants

Time of year was near perfect with all the migrant species back in residence and a most welcome thunder storm during the night bringing welcome relief following the heat wave the previous week.

Teams were assigned specific ‘beats’ the night before by the co-ordinator Dr Warwick Tarboton to ensure the entire estate was surveyed to ornithological perfection within the spectrum of known species recorded to date .

As such the day got off to a ‘crack’ of dawn start and by 11.00, with a pause in proceedings for breakfast, the list was well underway at close on 138 species.

A quick analysis at this point led to the rounding up of specific species that had slipped through the net to arrive at a total of 155 by lunch time.

The last species of the day was Rufous-cheeked Nightjar, seen on the way home in the half dark after drinks in the veld to close off a very successful and enjoyable day.

End of Play on Korocreek Big Birding Day

By any measure’ Koro Creek’ is a unique and highly productive birding venue with much in the way of variety on offer including a ‘suite’ of delightful mammal species as an added attraction for the enthusiastic naturalist to enjoy as they bird about !

Bird of the day seen and heard by all was the highly colourful and charismatic Woodland Kingfisher !

Woodland Kingfisher, Bird of the day!

Woodland Kingfisher, Bird of the day!

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