Birding and Wildlife Art

Whilst we love good wildlife photography, and Patrick is on an ongoing mission to improve his photographic ability, there is also a place for wildlife art, and an artist whose love of the African bushveld shines through, is Diane Weiman.

Young Lion Pride, by Diane Weiman, Birding and Wildlife artist

Young Lion Pride, by Diane Weiman

An accomplished pastel, wildlife artist, her paintings are well known for their lifelike realism and sensitivity.  Diane’s paintings are not simply portraits of animals and birds but bring a sense of special moments in nature to the viewer as she depicts the subject in its natural environment. Her art is represented in corporate offices, game lodges and private homes. Diane’s original paintings and limited edition prints are to be found in the U.S.A, the U.K, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Spain. Diane is a committed supporter of wildlife conservation.

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