Of the 7 species of sunbird regularly recorded for the South Western Cape the dullest in plumage but by far the most vocal is the forest dwelling Grey Sunbird of the indigenous forests along the Garden Route.

Greay Sunbird found in Wilderness, South Africa

Grey Sunbird, South Africa


This represents the western-most extremity of its known range and if it weren’t for its strident and extremely loud chip chip chop call this restless resident of the sub-canopy would largely go unnoticed by visiting birders.

Fortunately, it favours rich nectar sources and is a regular visitor to sunbird feeders in gardens along the forest edges making it a readily accessible sighting as opposed to struggling to obtain a clear view of it chipping away high in the canopy and gloom of the old growth forests along the eastern littoral.

This bird was photographed at a feeder in the garden of one of our regular lodges on an Avian Leisure birding tour in the Western Cape.

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