This month we want to highlight some new books we have come across… an excellent photographic field guide by Ian Sinclair and Peter Ryan, an innovative Quick Reference Field Guide by Warwick and Philip Tarboton, and on the lighter side, a delightful novel, about birding set in East Africa.

The Complete Photographic Guide: Birds of Southern Africa by Ian Sinclair & Peter Ryan

ISBN CODE 978 1 77007 388 3

The Complete Photographic Guide: Birds of Southern Africa is a large-format photographic field guide to southern African birds. It comprises the biggest and most comprehensive collection of photographs of the region’s birds. It describes and illustrates all 958 bird species found in southern Africa, and an additional 17 species recorded from the Southern Ocean and associated islands, including Antarctica . There are over 2 500 images showing age and sex plumage variations!

This comprehensive guide follows traditional species sequence. It brings a new dimension to bird identification in southern Africa and will prove indispensable in the field.

Common Kruger Park Birds – A Quick Reference Field Guide , by Philip and Warwick Tarboton

This is a clever fold-out bird guide covering over 220 bird species most likely to be seen in the Kruger Park . We like it because of its unique folding design and the fact that it is light and small enough to fit into a side pocket, and covers just enough about each bird to be able to make an ID.

Most of the photos of Warwick ‘s (more of which can be seen on his website ). An inexpensive, handy aid for visitors to the Kruger Park and surrounding reserves. Retail price R70.

It can be ordered directly through Avian Leisure

A Guide to the Birds of East Africa (A novel)by Nicholas Drayson, ISBN code 978-0-670-91758-7

For birding folk looking for a light hearted break from bird reference material and field guides the above is a must read.

A copy was given to me by a birding friend and proved to be a delightful read with all the characters and idiosyncrasies well portrayed, revolving around birding in Kenya . Comes highly recommended…

Available at most bookshops in paperback.

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