Clients : Bill Eden, Tom Bush, Frank and Pat Stermitz – USA
Dates : 18 to 26th Oct ( Part 1) and 27 to 31st Oct (Part 2)
Duration : 14 days

Route: This is unquestionably the finest of all tour combinations on offer within our tour portfolio. Not only does the tour start out at the scenically spectacular south western tip of Africa in sight of Table Mountain, a geographic and international icon in its own right, but it extends dramatically to the far north of the country taking in the best in the way of habitat diversity in the Kruger National Park. This globally acclaimed wild life reserve of almost 20 000 square kilometres constitutes the epitome of what bushveld birding and mega mammal spotting is all about in the wilds of Africa. As such the tour is rich in a host of wildlife experiences offering continuous excitement and the potential of nearly 400 bird species and over 40 mammal sightings, including a high percentage of species endemic to South Africa. Add to this comfortable overnight accommodation and traditional table fare and you have a perfect combination for a delightful and evenly paced trip to the most accessible part of Africa without losing out on memorable experiences and new listings along the way.

Tom Bush & Bill Eden at Kruger's Numbi Gate
European Bee Eater by Bill Eden
Glossy Starling by Bill Eden
Yellow-billed Stork by Bill Eden
Red Bishop by Bill Eden

Listings: A total of 360 species were recorded for the Western Cape and Kruger Park sectors combined. Sightings ranged from the suite of pelagic seabirds off Cape Point to the mix of highly colorful and charismatic bushveld birds found in Kruger Park. Highlights included Black-browed and Shy as well as Indian and Atlantic Yellow-nosed Albatross, Sabine’s Gull, Soft-plumaged Petrel, Northern and Southern Giant Petrel, Pintado Petrel, Gray-winged Francolin, Maccoa Duck, South African Shelduck, African Black Duck, Southern Pochard, African Finfoot,Golden-tailed Woodpecker, Yellow-fronted Tinker Barbet, Scimitar-billed Woodhoopoe, Pygmy Kingfisher, Little Bee-eater, Black and Red-chested Cuckoo, Knysna and Purple-crested Turaco, African Mourning Dove, Green Pigeon, Karoo and Black-bellied Korhaan, Blue Crane, Namaqua Sandgrouse, African Jacana, African Black Oystercatcher, Chestnut-banded Sandplover, Antarctic Tern, White-headed Vulture, Black Harrier, Gabar Goshawk, Black and Martial Eagle, Secretarybird, Lanner Falcon, Greater Kestrel, Goliath Heron, Black Stork, Black-headed Oriole, Orange-breasted and Olive Bush Shrike, Chinspot and Cape Batis, Cape Rockjumper, Cape and Gray Penduline Tit, Victorin’s Warbler, Yellow-bellied and Karoo Green Eremomela, Knysna Warbler, Yellow-throated Warbler, Rufous-eared Warbler, Sabota and Karoo Lark, Starred and Chorister Robin, Trac Trac Chat, Orange-breasted Sunbird, Cape Sugarbird, Melba Finch, Yellow-throated Sparrow, Black-headed Canary , Golden-breasted Bunting, Emerald Cuckoo and Buff-streaked Chat.

In the client’s own words:

“Thank you for showing me the ‘Bird’s of South Africa’. Your friendly manner, leadership skills and incredible birding expertise made this trip special! You sure know how to find the Birds!
Bill Eden

‘The trip met all expectations and certainly exceeded them. Not only the incredible number and quality of bird, flora and fauna sightings but Patrick’s knowledge and expertise as our guide was exceptional.

Additionally the accommodation, service and meals were delightful. Both Patrick & Marie Louise were the perfect hosts and did a fabulous job of representing SA and showing us the best both culturally and environmentally’
Tom Bush

‘ Thanks a million for one of our very best trips! Congenial and knowledgeable guide and Marie Louise’s graciousness and competence in handling an unusual accident occurrence. I recommend Avian Leisure to any and all without reservation”
Frank & Pat Stermitz

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