Dolphin Delights on Cape Town Pelagic Trip

One the delights associated with a pelagic trip off Cape Point in Cape Town is the opportunity to see several species of dolphin and whale as an added bonus to the overwhelming abundance of seabirds congregating within the offshore fishing grounds.

Dusky Dolphin

Dusky Dolphin


One such occurrence, while on a ‘Zest for Birds’ pelagic trip in early May, started with the appearance of a mixed school of Bottlenose Dolphin and Atlantic Long-finned Pilot Whales steaming at leisure along our line of travel as we headed out to sea.

On our return we were intercepted by a highly aerobatic school of Dusky Dolphins sporting about our bow and somersaulting through the air in keeping with the playful and exuberant nature of the species.

As we rounded the Cape Point a school of at least five hundred Common Dolphin that had been harassed by Orca’s earlier in the week hove into view as they surged in unison towards us to make for an exciting ending to a pelagic rich day that included Black-bellied Storm Petrel and Manx Shearwater as top sightings for the autumn months.

Common Dolphin P Cardwell

Common DOlphin

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