Clients : Sam & Karen Naifeh, California, USA
Dates : 9 to 11 Aug (part 1) & 17 to 25 Aug (part 2)
Duration : 11 days

Route: Tour brief called for a relaxed birding trip, rich in photographic opportunity, along the scenic Southern Cape coastal belt. As such the line of travel embraced the full extent of the ‘fynbos’ botanical biome from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth, along with a section of the Tanqua Karoo and several indigenous relic forest patches in the heart of the Garden Route near the Tsitsikamma National Park. End point was the Addo Elephant Park, a landscape of scrub covered hills dotted with euphorbia and other succulents associated with the Eastern Cape coastal belt. This well maintained national park is home to lion, buffalo and elephant as the star attraction. These highly endearing and social pachyderms are by far the most ‘user friendly’ elephants in Africa, allowing close up views and a great many photographic opportunities as they interact peacefully with one another. Addo also supports a number of antelope species including the secretive bushbuck and the magnificent greater kudu along with warthog and an outside chance of a rhino sighting!

Listings: A total of 223 species were recorded along the coastal strip. Sightings ranged from the suite of cryptically plumaged larks of the West Coast and Succulent Karoo to the flamboyant and charismatic turacos of the East Coast forests. Highlights, free of inter-African and Palearctic migrants, included Red-necked Francolin, Crowned Hornbill, Giant Kingfisher, Knysna Turaco, Wood Owl, Crowned Eagle, Fiery-necked Nightjar, Cinnamon Dove, Denham’s Bustard, Ludwig’s Bustard, Karoo Korhaan, Southern Black Korhaan, Red-chested Flufftail, Black Crake, African Black Oystercatcher, Chestnut-banded Sand Plover, Antarctic Tern, Greater Kestrel, Black-collared Barbet, Yellow-fronted Canary, Red-billed Wood Hoopoe, Black-headed Canary, Black Harrier, Forest Buzzard, Black Sparrowhawk, Pririt Batis, Cape Rockjumper, Terrestrial Bulbul, Karoo Green Eremomela, Victorin’s Warbler, Namaqua Warbler, Rufous-eared Warbler, Starred Robin, Black-bellied Starling, Dusky Sunbird and Cape Siskin.

In the client’s own words: ‘Patrick’s maturity, knowledge and sensitivity to our needs made for a wonderful and most t memorable trip. As a lifelong naturalist, personable human being, and former CEO, he has a deep respect for people, exquisite customer sensitivity, and an equally exquisite love of birds, nature and the South African landscape. You could not do better in contacting him for information or designing a tour that gets you what you want to see and where you want to go. Excellent service!
Sam Naifeh USA

For more information contact Marie-Louise on enquiries@avianleisure.com

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