By Patrick Cardwell

Kruger Park once again delivered the ‘goodies’ with over 265 bird species, including two new observations for the Park, being recorded in just under two weeks.

Highlights as anticipated with the first summer rains included an influx of intra-Africa and Palearctic migrants of which the highly vocal and charismatic mix of African cuckoos were unquestionably the most exciting recent arrivals.

White-headed Vulture
African Hawk Eagle Pair
Bennett’s Woodpecker

As always, the rain triggers impressive alate emergences across several species of termite and this event in turn translates into a feeding frenzy as a host of species from migrant eagles to diminutive waxbills partake in this seasonal feast.

Yes, a Kruger birding tour in late November is a time of plenty with breeding activity in full swing and birdsong everywhere you go.

In fact it was impossible to get a ‘clean’ recording of any one species due to the orchestral overload of birdsong in any given area. Truly a case of ‘(late) spring is in the air’!

Birding highlights are simply too many to include in this short overview. Photographic opportunities were continuous throughout and most participants returned with flash cards loaded to capacity!

Anyone requiring a full list of bird sightings can contact us directly.

Lastly, mammals from endearing mongooses to the charismatic ‘Big Five’, reptiles across the size spectrum, rodents, elephant shrews, amphibians and a wide range of dragonflies and other insects were omnipresent throughout making for yet again another memorable trip to this absolute gem of a game reserve…

Avian Leisure runs a Summer ‘Cape to Kruger’ Birding Tour every year, starting in Cape Town and ending in Kruger Park.


For more information on this and other birding tours in South Africa contact Marie-Louise on

Rock Elephant Shrew Leopard African Harrier Hawk

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