The Red Larks of the Koa River Valley in the Northern Cape

While not the most melodious of the endemic larks in Southern Africa it is, for me, the most endearing of the collective suite of larks we have on offer to visiting birders.

Red Lark, Northern Cape by Patrick Cardwell

Red Lark , a Kalahari ‘special’

Sitting on the crest of a sparsely vegetated red Kalahari sand dune in early spring watching these strikingly marked larks interacting with one another while fluttering back and forth over their respective territories on a still day against a clear blue sky is a signature birding event…

Red Lark, Northern Cape by Patrick Cardwell

Red Lark in flight

As such it has become an annual birding highlight for me as a complementary visual delight to the spectacular spring flower displays of the Northern Cape at the same time of year.

P.S. Red Lark is also known as the Ferruginous Lark which description is more apt in my opinion for the darker less striking plains form occurring outside of the Kalahari dune system.

Red Lark, Northern Cape by Patrick Cardwell

Red Lark, Northern Cape

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