Zeiss Photoscope 85 T* FL – North India Field Experience

Two years ago I was introduced to the recently released Photoscope 85 T8 FL as I wandered around the photographic marquee at the British Bird Fair where a great many optic offerings within the full spectrum of binoculars and cameras available from the worlds’ leading manufactures were on display.

Brown Fish Owl, India by Kim Frost

Brown Fish Owl, India by Kim Frost

As a long standing and enthusiastic Zeiss optics fan I was immediately drawn to their latest technical development in the form of an ultra-light spotting scope sized optical/digital combination, providing the unique opportunity to view and ‘shoot’ at the same time, free of the fuss and bother of setting up a time consuming digiscoping bracket and camera to do the job.

One thing that makes the photographic marquee so special is the range of brands and optics on display for actual use in real time as you compare one with another while focussing on the variety of bird life around you from this oversized ‘hide’.

So impressed was I with the image quality and simplicity of the 1 GB SD memory card carrying Photoscope, and its dedicated remote control covering a variety of technical options, that I encouraged Kim Frost, one of Denmark’s leading birders, to purchase a Photoscope in preference to a regular spotting scope for the two-in-one image capturing experience…

And so it was we set off for India enjoying the versatility of either an extended tripod as the standard mount or a partly collapsed tripod for use on the 4×4 safari vehicle as we drove around. Cutting the engine eliminated the vibration and ensured pin-sharp images taken at distances in excess of 100 metres.

Bengal Tiger bathing in pool, Bhandavgarh National Park

Bengal Tiger bathing in pool, Bhandavgarh National Park

The results, as can be seen, speak for themselves as mementos of a highly successful birding and photographic trip to North India.

Egyptian Vultures

Egyptian Vultures, Panna National Park in North India

For more on the Photoscope 85 T* FL click on the the Zeiss logo on our website www.avianleisure.com and follow the link or simply Google it!

Text by Patrick Cardwell

Images by Kim Frost

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