Of all the local lark species the most enigmatic and challenging to find is the highly nomadic Sclater’s Lark of the shale strewn scrublands of Bushmanland in the Northern Cape.

Habitat for Sclater's Lark

Sclater’s Lark Country, harsh, arid, inhospitable!

Subject to the vagaries of the weather pattern within the vast interior these cryptically plumaged larks wander about in loose flocks in response to rainfall patterns and grass seed availability.

Searching the mind-numbing vastness of the arid wastelands for this elusive lark can prove a frustrating affair but nevertheless a most satisfying one when visual contact is finally made.

Sclater's Lark, Northern Cape

Sclater’s Lark, Bushmanland, Northern Cape

Interestingly the nest as such is a totally exposed and sparsely lined cup set within a shale or gravel wash containing a single egg or in this photographic instance a well-developed chick.

Sclater's Lark nest with chick, Brandvlei, by Patrick Cardwell

Sclater’s Lark nest with chick, Brandvlei

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Sclater's Lark, Bushmanland, by Patrick Cardwell

Sclater’s Lark, Bushmanland