While the charismatic Cape Rockjumper is arguably the jewel in the south western Cape birding crown, the Black Harrier for me is the one bird that gets the adrenaline surging every time I see one!

Black Harrier, by Patrick Cardwell

Black Harrier, lucky to see her perched!

Of all the harriers in the world it is surely the most striking with its highly distinctive black and white coloration testifying definitively to its positive identity.

Black Harrier, by Patrick Cardwell

Black Harrier

Add to this the piercing lemon yellow eyes and bright yellow legs and you have a stunning and indelibly etched image of highly memorable birding worth as a Black Harrier quarters across the fynbos towards you on stiffly set wings.

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Cape Rockjumper, by Patrick Cardwell

Cape Rockjumper, sought-after but elusive target in Western Cape