Hyperactive in the half light of dawn and dusk, this often-heard and seldom-seen enigmatic display-artist ‘trumpets’ away on whirring wings before vapourizing into surrounding foliage for the rest of the day. Patrick was lucky to get multiple views of this African Broadbill in the Golwe picnic site in Limpopo while on a personal birding trip.

African Broadbill, P Cardwell www.avianleisure.com

Enigmatic African Broadbill

The Golwe picnic and camp site in Venda is a very special area – where else can you see Pink-throated Twinspots and African Broadbills without moving away from your comfortable tented accommodation! The sound of  Broadbills is frustrating as they are almost impossible to see but with extreme patience we found several pairs, and Patrick managed to get some delightful photos of  this enigmatic bird … unfortunately none of the actual display – ‘just a jump to the right’! – as the light was poor.

African Broadbill, P Cardwell www.avianleisure.com

Another delightful view …

We can highly recommend a stop over in this campsite, and a bird walk with Christopher Nethonzhe who manages the facility and keeps tabs on the locations of the desirable birds in the area.

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African Broadbill, P Cardwell www.avianleisure.com

Broadbill showing white patch in its back