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Uganda, evocatively described in travel journals as the ‘Pearl of the Africa’, lives up to its reputation from colonial days as a verdant green country of saturated colour combinations and outstanding natural beauty, complemented by the warmth of the Buganda  people and the wealth of wildlife unique to the equatorial region.

Entebbe, the old administrative capital with its exquisitely laid out botanical gardens, is the international point of entry on the north shore of Lake Victoria, close to the cascading source of the Nile and not far from the extensive Mabamba wetlands – papyrus home to the bizarre and stork-like Shoebill…

We’ve added Uganda to our safari destinations based on our extensive knowledge of the country after spending 3 years there – we are committed to working with local operators  who deliver superb tours in this unique part of Africa.

Why not visit the ‘Pearl of Africa’ to see for yourself… You certainly won’t be disappointed! 

  • Primates: from a wildlife perspective, Uganda is best known for its mountain gorillas and charismatic chimpanzees and other primates found within the tropical rainforests of the Albertine Rift valley and snow-capped Rwenzori mountains and Virunga volcanoes in the south west of the country.
  • Over 1000 species of birds: most significant of all, for the visiting birder is the astounding variety of birdlife within this relatively small land-locked country of over 1000 species recorded to date – more than any other country in Africa!
  • Excellent tourist network: add to this a comfortable and affordable selection of accommodation options, outstanding nature guides and a well-maintained road system and forest trail network making Uganda a ‘must do’ destination for any committed and adventurous naturalist.

There are two wet and two dry seasons, and the best time to travel is in either of the dry seasons :
December to February and June to September.

East Africa is not an inexpensive destination, but within this Uganda offers excellent value in a mid-range budget level.

There are many flights direct from Europe or South Africa, the best option depending on where your location is.

  • Gorilla and chimp trekking!

  • Fantastic birding!

  • Boat trips on several of the large Albertine rift lakes, and on the Nile River in Murchison Falls.

Accommodation in the 3-4 star category is comfortable and affordable.


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