A ‘near endemic’ species, classified as a typical ‘bushveld’ lark, with two identifiable forms evident within the sub-region, easily separated by bill size and shape, as well as geographic and habitat preference.

‘Slender billed’ Sabota Larks (Sabota sabota, on the right) favour more densely wooded bushveld savanna habitats, with the longer more ‘heavily billed’ Sabota Lark, referred to as Bradfield’s (on the left), occurring throughout the drier Karoo and sparsely vegetated parts of the western sub-region.

Sabota Lark sabota

Sabota Lark ‘sabota’

Invariably located singing from a prominent perch, presenting a continuous medley of melodious notes including songs and calls of many different species within its repertoire of masterful mimicry, this is the quintessential ‘bushveld’ lark.

Sabota Lark

Sabota Lark ‘bradfieldi’

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