Another of the more challenging lark species to find in Southern Africa is the recently recognised Barlow’s Lark found only along the narrow coastal dune belt north of Port Nolloth and into Namibia.

Barlow's Lark, Port Nolloth, by Patrick Cardwell

Barlow’s Lark, Port Nolloth

Closely resembling the Karoo Lark in appearance and behaviour the plain white underparts and flanks differentiate it from the Karoo Lark with its noticeably heavily streaked underparts.

What makes it a challenge within the local lark suite is not the identification but the time and distance involved travelling to this remote corner of the country best known today for marine diamond diving as the principal economic activity.

Barlow's Lark, dry country special, by Patrick Cardwell

Barlow’s Lark, dry country special

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